Yikes! Just Look At All The Scary Games You Can Play Now

We’re still in shock. So, if you think the writing’s a bit shaky in this space, please bear with us. We’re shaking in our boots, and our typing fingers are also shaking. Apart from the online game shock we got from places like the scariestmazegames.com, we’re also quite hungry. Burgers and fries last night feels like it’s been days since our last solid meal. And all we’ve had so far today is sodas and coffee beans. That’s hardly nourishing, right. Might be noodles or pizza tonight, but first this scary thought or two.

We never had much time for eating today because we were so busy trying out all these new games. Well, they’re not entirely new and these most played games have been around the online block several times. Or should that read; blog. Because to blogs you should go to find out more about the new games you’ll be rolling up your sleeves for. You get to learn new skills from those generous souls who are prepared to give away some of their secrets. This is something that we’re still trying to get a handle on and it’s no big secret, but this regular practice.

Promise, just as soon as we’re finished with you guys here, we’ll be heading off for a bite to eat. But no takeouts tonight. Flat broke for most of us. Speaking of which, if you find yourself in similar pickles, go back to the site we’ve just mentioned and watch out for free games you can put on your mobile or desktop. These are the most played, scariest maze games at this time. The old original is still up with the best of them.


Scary Maze, with no more than three mazes to navigate is still very popular on the internet. Scary Maze Game 2 is also up there, but there’s a threatening hint that this game could be more difficult. The question has been asked of new players whether they can survive the first maze. But how about the first maze, that’s what us tired and hungry scribes here are still trying to get around. We need nourishment and we need energy.

We’ll leave Scary Maze Game 3 and Scary Maze Game 5 to you guys. We just don’t have the energy for it right now. Oh, shoot, just when we thought we were done and dusted and we could shoot off, there’s more. There’s this crazy Chivvy Chase and then there’s Pencil Panic Extreme, something we’ll have to leave up to you guys as well. You should be able to handle the two marbles in this game. We’ll lose our marbles if we try, that much we know. It’s really quite a tough game to play. We might, however, be able to get our minds and fingers around Hopsa Pop. That one sounds like real fun. Its mouthwatering prospects. Which reminds us, it’s time to chow. Chow.